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Mini catapult

Product no.: 1106

Construction kit with 38 pieces for two mini catapults

10.00 *

Smal Sphericon

Product no.: HSM1004

Construction kit made from beech plywood, 4mm thick.

With this construction kit you can build a small sphericon which has interestin rolling characteristics. 

No glue needed.

6.00 *


Product no.: HSM1003

Construction kit made from beech plywood 4mm thick.

With this kit you can build a Sphericon with interesting rolling characteristics. It wobbles while rolling.

15.00 *

Small Ellypticon

Product no.: HSM1002

Construction kit made from beech plywood, 4mm thick.

This is a small version of the big Ellypticon and it has the same interesting rolling characteristics.

No glue needed.

5.00 *


Product no.: HSM1001

Construction kit made from beech plywood, 4mm thick.

It has interesting rolling characteristics.

25.00 *

Ring of Leonardo

Product no.: HSM1006

Construction kit made from beech plywood, 4mm thick.

With this construction kit you can build a leonardo ring.

25.00 *


Product no.: 3004

Construction kit for a dragon. You can move the legs, tail, wings and the head. You can also make him "spit fire". That way he won't make it easy for knights to survive a fight with him.

35.00 *

New Triple Ballista

Product no.: 1008

Triple Ballista - construction set consisting of 85 parts. Includes foldable target and 9 piecses of ammunition.

35.00 *


Product no.: 3005

Construction kit for a horse

9.00 *


Product no.: 1001

Construction kit in beech plywood. Also includes 10 pieces of ammunition.

30.00 *


Product no.: 1002

Construction kit in beech plywood. Also includes 3 arrows.

30.00 *


Product no.: 1003

Construction kit in beech plywood.  Also includes 6 pieces of ammunition.

35.00 *

Catapult II

Product no.: 1006

Construction kit for a perfectly working catapult to make direct hits.

15.00 *

Ballista II

Product no.: 1007

Ballista II is fully functional and shoots arrows.

15.00 *

Battering Ram

Product no.: 1101

A construction kit for a Battering Ram. It can be disassembled!

35.00 *

Little catapult

Product no.: 1102

The little catapult is easy to assemble, you simply stick the single pieces together.

5.50 *

Little Ballista

Product no.: 1103

The Little Ballista is a construction kit that works without glue. You can shoot arrows with it.

7.50 *

Little Catapult Glue

Product no.: 1104

Construction kit for a little Catapult. No glue included.

5.50 *

Bombard II

Product no.: 1105

Construction kit with 39 pieces for the Bombard II

15.00 *

Shields and Swords

Product no.: 2101

Two shields and two Swords.

5.00 *

Garden Tools

Product no.: 2102

Construction kit for garden tools

6.00 *

Forest and Wood

Product no.: 2103

Tools for the forest and woodworking.

6.00 *

Shields and Halberds

Product no.: 2104

Construction kit for two shields and atwo helberds.

5.00 *

Small Dragon

Product no.: 3001

Construction kit made from beech plywood for a fully moveable dragon.

30.00 *

Horse with cart

Product no.: 3002

A horse cart with a horse to harness. 

35.00 *

Horse with foal

Product no.: 3003

The horse with foal is easy to assemble.

15.00 *

Dragon child

Product no.: 3101

A small construction kit consisting of 3 parts, no glue is needed.

4.50 *

small Target

Product no.: Z0001

Small target with ca. 25mm diameter.

1.50 *

Medium Target

Product no.: Z0002

Medium target with approx. 35mm diameter.

2.00 *

Big Target

Product no.: Z0003

Big target with approx. 45mm diameter.

2.50 *
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1 - 30 of 44 results