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Construction kits

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Ballista Ammunition x8

Product no.: Mun1002

Construction kit for 8x big arrows.

3.00 *

Bombard Ammunition x5

Product no.: Mun1003

Construction kit for 5x Bombard ammunition

3.00 *

Small Ballista Ammunition x8

Product no.: Mun1103

Construction kit for 8x small arrows

3.00 *

small Target

Product no.: Z0004

A small Target size approx. 24mm.

1.50 *

medium smily target

Product no.: Z0005

A medium sized target. size approx. 34mm.

2.00 *

big smily target

Product no.: Z0006

big target size approx. 43mm

2.50 *

Multiple catapult

Product no.: 1009

Construction kit for 3 perfectly working catapults, which can be combined with further catapults of this item number to an arbitrarily long series.

15.00 *

Ball Ammunition little x8

Product no.: Mun1102

Construction kit for 8x ball ammunition.

3.00 *

Mini ballista

Product no.: 1107

Construction kit with 28 pieces for two mini Ballistas

10.00 *

New Protection wall and ladders

Product no.: 1005

Construction kit in beech plywood.  

30.00 *

New Trebuchet

Product no.: 1004

Construction kit in beech plywood.  Also includes 8 pieces of ammunition.

35.00 *
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31 - 41 of 41 results