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Spintop Chinese shape

Product no.: A8231

Size: approx. 35 x 34 x 35 mm (L x H x W)

1.00 *

Spintop onion shape

Product no.: A8241

Size: ca. 35 x 36 x 35 mm (L x H x W)

1.00 *


Product no.: A8251

This spintop will go for a long time.

1.00 *

"Stand Up" Spintop

Product no.: A8261

If you speed it up enough it will turn around and spin on it's handle.

Size: approx. 30 x 30 mm (L x W)

1.00 *

String trigger spintop

Product no.: A8265

Can be started using a string. Very easy to use.

Size: approx. 60 x 60 mm (L x W)

7.00 *

String trigger spintop oinion-shaped

Product no.: A8266

size: approx. 80 x 80 mm (L x W)

8.00 *


Product no.: M1010

Dicespintops numbers 1-5

2.50 *


Product no.: M1012

Dicespintops with numbers 1-6

3.00 *


Product no.: M1011

Dicespintops with numbers 1-7

3.50 *


Product no.: M1013

Dicespintops with numbers 1-10

3.50 *

Spintop onion shape (big)

Product no.: A8242

Size: approx. 50mm diameter

2.50 *

New Dozen-Dicespintop

Product no.: M1014

Dicespintops with numbers 1-12

3.50 *

New Take&give_spintop

Product no.: M1015

Take and give spintop.

3.50 *
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