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Little Shericon

Product no.: HSM1004
6.00 *


Product no.: HSM1003
15.00 *

Little Ellypticon

Product no.: HSM1002
5.00 *


Product no.: HSM1001
25.00 *

Ring of Leonardo

Product no.: HSM1006
25.00 *

Burgle Bros. Tower

Product no.: BB0001

Play tower with 3 levels and a helipad on top, made for Tim Fowers Game "Burgle Bros.". Please follow to Burgle Bros. website.

70.00 *

Keychain Cube

Product no.: A5550

Size: approx. 25 x 25x 25 mm (L x H x W)

3.50 *

Fabric bag printed WoodHeroes

Product no.: M1001

With this fabric bag you'll be able to go ecoconscious shopping and express your passion for wood.

10.00 *

Kubassa-die Stute light Wood

Product no.: KUB1010

Kubassa-die Stute off light Wood ca. A4

20.00 *

Kubassa-die Stute dark Wood

Product no.: KUB1011

Kubassa-die Stute off dark Wood ca. A4

20.00 *

Kubassa-die Stute acrylic glass

Product no.: KUB1012

Kubassa-die Stute off acrylic glass ca. A4

100.00 *

Kubassa-baum der liebe light Wood

Product no.: KUB1020

Kubassa: "Baum der Liebe" off light Wood ca. A4

20.00 *

Kubassa: "Baum der Liebe" dark Wood

Product no.: KUB1021

Kubassa: "Baum der Liebe" off dark Wood ca. A4

20.00 *

Kubassa- "Baum der Liebe" acrylic glass

Product no.: KUB1022

Kubassa "Baum der Liebe" off acrylic glass ca. A4

100.00 *

Kubassa-das Paar light Wood

Product no.: KUB1030

Kubassa-das Paar off light Wood

20.00 *

Kubassa das Paar dark Wood

Product no.: KUB1031

Kubassa-das Paar off dark Wood

20.00 *

Kubassa-das Paar acrylic glass

Product no.: KUB1032

Kubassa-das Paar off acrylic glass

100.00 *


Product no.: M1125
3.00 *

Edelweiss Graz

Product no.: M1126
3.00 *


Product no.: M0010

Tap in black, brown or gray

1.00 *


Product no.: K0030
from 2.00 *
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